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Terms and Conditions

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All Pet Service fee's are paid in advance. You can pay by Bank Transfer, PayPal, Cheque or Cash anytime up to and including the day you leave. Cash and Cheques can be left out for us to collect on the first visit of your booking. Failure to pay your fee may result in your service being cancelled and your pet being placed into a local cattery. 

Consultations are for information purpose only for Helping Hands to gather all the necessary details from the client about their pet. We have limited diary space for these appointments and often a waiting list in place, therefore If you do not book our service within 12 months of having your consultation your opportunity to use Helping Hands Mobile Cattery is permanently revoked. 

Consultations are only available to new clients who commit to booking their first service. A small non-refundable deposit may be taken at your consultation which is then deducted off your first booking fee. 

All pet foods, cat litter and medications are to be provided by the client. Please make sure you leave enough food, cat litter e.t.c. to last the duration of the booking. If Helping Hands have to purchase more food or litter the client will be charged an Errand fee of £10 plus the cost of the goods

Your pets welfare is our priority therefore this service is for daily visits only. We DO NOT offer a service to visit every- other day.

Mobile Cattery Service Visiting hours are 6am until 6pm. Clients can book their service anytime Day Or Night. A Short notice booking key collection fee of £5 is charged if a client books after 2pm on the same day that a teatime visit is required. This is to cover the staff members fuel and travel time to come and collect your key and information from the Office

Clients will always receive a confirmation of their booking by the same method they have contacted Helping Hands, Clients are not required to reply to their confirmation. Please be aware that when a client requests a booking , Helping Hands will always provide service for that request unless a client has contacted Helping Hands to cancel their booking. 
Helping Hands booking system includes Text and Email methods to request a service, If a client does not receive confirmation for their booking the client must contact Dawn in case of a technical glitch.

Once your Mobile Cattery Service has commenced clients are not refunded their booking fee due to a clients cancelled trip or early return.

Helping Hands Mobile Cattery Service are not liable for any accidental damage to furniture or flooring due to needing to allocate your pet and have a visual to enable our staff to check your pets welfare or rescue it from being trapped in furniture / flooring. We provide a basic clean up of cat sick / fur balls/ poop.  If any floorboards, upholstery, carpets needing professional cleaning due to your pet, this is the responsibility of the client. 
Helping Hands are not liable for any damage that a pet may cause to its owners / carers property

Helping Hands Provide Maximum care for your pets but will not be liable for any pets who run away or become ill if not informed by owners of their pets health problems or changes to routine.

Clients are responsible to check any new keys that they have had cut and are providing to Helping Hands, that the key works correctly and unlocks the relevant door. The client is responsible to provide Helping Hands Mobile cattery Service with new keys if locks have been changed and to update us with information for any alarm code changes.  You the client must make us aware of any faulty or damaged locks. Helping Hands will not be held responsible for key or lock replacements through no fault of our own. If every effort has failed to contact a client, You agree to give permission for Helping Hands to gain entry to your home to tend to your pet using the services of a locksmith.

If we key hold for a client and they do not use the Mobile cattery Service for a minimum of 18 months, your key will be either returned or disposed of to make room in the key safes for clients using the service more regularly.

During Festive Christmas holidays if a booking is running before and after christmas day, clients cannot skip a visit on Christmas day. Due to past experience when Clients have asked their friends and family to call round on Christmas day but then the family member or friend does not, this then leaves the pet without a visit from anyone for potentially 48 hours. Our duty of care is to the pets, therefore Helping Hands Policy is to visit at least once every day.

Cheque Payments of £200 or more have to be cleared before your service starts. 
Helping Hands enforce a penalty charge of £15 for any cheques that are refused by a clients bank. Any client refusing to pay their fee will recieve a Late Payment letter with an added £35 administration cost. Constant refusal to settle your fee will lead to court action and costs.

Mobile Cattery Service is charged at the rate per visit of Triple time for Christmas day, Double time for Boxing Day, New Years Day & Bank Holiday Mondays
Good Friday & Easter Day are normal rates for Mobile Cattery Service.

Helping Hands Mobile Cattery are an independent business and do not collaborate with people / businesses in the same industry. This can lead to client error and the booking of two pet services to provide the same booking. If a Mobile Cattery Client is using another Pet Service as well as Helping Hands, the client will have their key returned to them and will no longer be accepted as a client of Helping Hands Mobile Cattery Service

Sorry we cannot provide service for high rise apartment blocks unless a client lives on the lower level 1st or 2nd floor 

Rates are subject to change.

Helping Hands Mobile Cattery Service reserve the right to refuse service at any time.