“Your Cat Holidays At Home When You Go Away”

Boarding your cat can be very stressful so what's the alternative ?

Helping Hands Cat Ladies !

( Katy always enjoys her holidays at home, 

this little video was taken at one of her visits )

Purring along from Blaydon to Birtley 

Give us a try......You'll be glad you did !

Q. what is this service and how do i book ?

There is nothing better than leaving your cat happy and content at home when you go away, that's where Helping Hands Cat Ladies come in......

Clients can book their service by email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook or phoning our office or Mobile. New clients wishing to join us , when you enquire about Helping Hands Cat Ladies, we will give you your personal quote and all the information you wish to know to help you to decide if you would like to use our service or not. Once you would like to make your first booking Cat Lady Dawn will arrange a consultation with you at your home to go through all your requirements then your ready to use our Mobile Cattery Service, its that simple.  PLEASE NOTE : Consultations for new Clients to join our service are only available between the months of January to May and October to November   

All the Photo's and Video's on our website are of pets who happily holiday at home with Helping Hands !


Q. Is the Business and Staff Insured ? 

Yes, Helping Hands Cat Ladies are fully Insured for .....
Public Liability 
Employers Liability 
 Care, Custody and Control 
 Replacement Key and Lock cover 
Clients Keys when not in use are kept secure in our professional office in specialised wall mounted key safe's

Q. Are Your Staff Vetted and Checked ?
Yes, all members of the Team are thoroughly vetted before they start their journey to become a professional Helping Hands Cat Lady.

Q. Who will be visiting my pets ?
Once you become a client of Helping Hands Cat Ladies, only we take care of your pets, we don't collaborate with other services or outsource your bookings, which is common practice between some Pet Services. Our Clients know that only a Helping Hands member of Staff is Visiting your Pets

Q. Do you close down for Holidays ? What if its bad weather will you still visit my pet ?
We are always open for business. We invest in 4x4 vehicles to keep us mobile everyday of the year ! We are very experienced in travelling to visits in all weather conditions including floods and heavy snow. February 2018 brought us the "  Beast from the East "  all the pets who were holidaying at home didn't know what all the fuss was about !

Q. What does the Cat Ladies Mobile Cattery daily visit include ?  

We Feed your cat (s) , clean and wash their food and water bowls at every visit. 
Leave fresh water at every visit. leave treats ( if allowed ) to hunt !

Scoop / empty litter trays and clean the pets area at each visit

We Chat too and fuss your pet ( Clients are welcome to book an additional Lunchtime Visit for extra Playtime / Companionship / Grooming ) 

Administer oral medication or vitamins ( if required ) 

Pick up your post 

Open / Close curtains or blinds

Feed your fish

Water your house plants ( on request)  SORRY we cannot maintain garden pots and plants

Alternate lighting between rooms
Put the TV / Radio on (using timers or the TV's own sleep mode)

We make your home have a "lived in look"

We take away and dispose of used litter, uneaten food, empty pouches/cartons etc.

Put Wheelie Bins out / in (on request)

We put photos on our Facebook page so you can see your pet when your away 

If any veterinary emergencies occur we take care of all that for you (any costs are settled when you return)

We fill in a daily report sheet ( cat-a-log)  we leave this for clients to read after the booking has finished, so you know what we did at each visit and by which Cat Lady.

Clients booking 14 visits or more receive a complimentary gift of fresh milk and biscuits for their return home !

Q. How much does a visit cost ? 

FROM ONLY £8.00 Per Visit... The fee includes unto 3 cats then its only £2.00 per additional cat. There is an additional charge of  £4.00 per visit for any pet who needs medication administered at a specific time of the day ( i.e clients cats who develop Diabetes and need insulin injections every 12 hours ) 

What you need to know 

Please Read our full terms and conditions on our T & C page. 

You are agreeing to our terms and conditions when you use the service.

Please Note ...Consultations are for information purpose only for Cat Lady Dawn to gather all the necessary details from the client about their pet.  The Consultation diary fills up quickly and can cause limited diary space for these appointments, often we have a waiting list in place, therefore if you do not book our service within 12 months of having your consultation your opportunity to use Helping Hands  is revoked. A small non-refundable deposit may be taken at your consultation which would then be deducted off your first booking. Please read our terms and conditions. 

Your pets welfare is our priority. This service is for daily visits. We DO NOT offer a service to visit every other day.

CHRISTMAS BOOKINGS ..... Christmas Day and Boxing Day are highly popular so we have a capacity limit in place for bookings accepted. Once we are fully booked on these days only emergency bookings are taken. Please be advised to book your Christmas and Boxing days service as soon as you know your travel plans for the festive period.

During Christmas holidays if a booking is running before and after Christmas day, clients cannot skip a visit on Christmas day due to the premium fee. Our past experience when clients friends or family are suppose to call in on Christmas day but don't, it leaves the pet without a visit for potentially over 48 hours. Our duty of care is to the pets, therefore Helping Hands Policy is to visit at least once per day.

All pets booked in on Christmas day receive a special gift off Santa Paws!

KEYS. Clients can provide a key at their consultation or drop one off to us at our base in Dunston. We can collect a key from you for a small fee of  £5.00